August Build Competition!

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First off, thank you to everyone who participated in the July build competition! We judged many great builds for last month's competition, and I am sure we will be able to say the same for the August build competition. Speaking of this months competition, we are excited to announce our next theme for the month of August!!

The theme will be:

Theme: Fiery Underworld!! (Hell)
Deadline: September 1st (12 pm Central)

When building for the competition, keep in mind the staff's criteria for judging. This month we will be focused on;
Originality, Creativity, and livability (As to prevent people from just submitting mountains of lava).
Good luck everyone!

The prizes for this month will be the same as the previous prizes
1st place: Hunter Rank (30$ Coupon), 20 million in-game currency, and 10 event keys.
2nd place: Scout Rank (15$ Coupon), 15 million...

News about 1.13

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Greetings WolfPack Community!
We sincerely apologize that the Minecraft 1.13 update will delayed due to three plugins not yet being up to date with the latest version. This includes mcMMO, the player shops at /warp market and the Silk touch spawners plugin. We have decided to delay the update until these three plugins are updated to 1.13. Once they are updated, we will put the server into maintenance and apply the necessary changes for 1.13. The plugins may take up to a week to be updated by their developers however we will keep you informed of any changes.

We would like to remind all players that there will be NO map resets that will affect their current progress and that the 1.13 content will be in a separate world. In addition to this, we ask you to be understanding that there will undoubtedly bugs to be found following the update and would appreciate if you could report any bugs discovered to staff or on the discord so...

New Competitions & Plans for Events

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As a large majority of you know, we recently announced the winners of our previous building competition. Congratulations to those who won and thank you for all of you who did participate! With that being in the past, I am looking forward to announcing a new build competition! Each month we plan on hosting a building competition with a set theme.

July's Theme: Amusement Park
Deadline: August 1st
Prizes will be similar to last events but may be changed. I am looking forward to seeing everyone's sick rides! Post your entries in the events section of our forums!

Currently, we are working on getting a set schedule for hosting player events. We have hosted a few before, but personally, I would like it to be every weekend. This is...

Short Announcement

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Hello WolfPack Community!
This is just a short announcement to give you some information regarding the future of Wolfpack and the 2.0 Update. We will NOT be resetting the map for the 1.13 Minecraft Update, (yes, this means you will keep all your settlements, builds and progress)

Update 2.0
The Wolfpack 2.0 Update will be released this Tuesday with 80% of promised features added (the other 20% will be added shortly after) including NEW RANKS, one of which will be earnable with play time AND available on the store to buy. The second one will be the new highest rank which we'll keep as a surprise for now ;)

Summer Sale
We will also be having a 35% store sale starting on Tuesday (10th July) and running until the 22nd of July.

The news about the upkeep will be posted once we get a new ETA for it. We apologize for the delay and inconvenience that we might have caused. We read all feedback and suggestions so...

Event Winners!

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Greetings WolfPack Community!

We have finished judging the Build Competition entries and I am excited to reveal the winners:

Market Place:
First Place:
Maesthetik [Prize: Hunter Rank ($30 coupon), $20 million in game money, 10 Event keys]
Second Place: Vexarus [Prize: Scout rank ($15 coupon), $15 million in game money, 5 Event keys]
Third Place: GoSuMonster [Prize: Scout rank ($15 coupon), $5 million in game money]

PVP Arena:
First Place:
GoSuMonster [Prize: Hunter Rank ($30 coupon), $20 million in game money, 10 Event keys]

Building Competition

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Building Competition!
We'll have two builds: Market Place & PvP Arena
You may build both of the builds for a possibility of obtaining both prizes.

PRIZES (3 winners for Market Place and 3 winners for PvP Arena):
1st Place - Hunter Rank ($30 coupon), $20 million in game money, 10 Event keys
2nd Place - Scout rank ($15 coupon), $15 million in game money, 5 Event keys
3rd Place - Scout rank ($15 coupon), $5 million in game money

Deadline: July 2, 2018
The marketplace must be in an...