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By [Owner] Getblock ao - Posted Jun 1, 18

Greetings WolfPack Community! These past few weeks on the server have been active and lively, mainly because of you, our wonderful community. I would like to thank everyone on behalf of myself and the WolfPack Staff team for supporting us so far, and we look forward to the future of our server. 

We have many surprises in store for the future, with big updates expected by the end of June, including WolfPack 2.0 with as many as 8 new features being added!

Furthermore, the resource world will be reset on June 6th. It's recommended you delete any old homes. Monthly top voters and winners of the build competition will be announced in a forum post shortly!

We appreciate your patience and we guarantee you won't be disappointed! As always, we love and encourage your feedback and suggestions and we look forward to seeing all of you playing on our server.

Build Competition and Top Voters results!
The build competition has now been judged, votes tallied and I can now reveal our winners from 1-4:
First place: Lakefield / Maesthetik
Prize - Hunter Rank($30 coupon), 30 million in-game money and 10 event keys
Second place: Alianor Village / CosmicCoco
Prize - Scout Rank($15 coupon), 20 million in-game money and 7 event keys
Third place: Salem / Darksyde666
Prize - Scout Rank($15 coupon), 15 million in-game money and 5 event keys
Fourth place: cat / Aw5omeChicken
Prize - 10 million in-game money and 4 event keys

Please contact an Owner or Admin for your prizes!

Now onto the Top Voters:
First place: dOnNyLdEup Prize - Alpha Rank
Second place: TheMegaBacon Prize - Alpha Rank
Third place: CosmicCoco Prize - Hunter Rank
Fourth place: SlenderGami Prize - Hunter Rank
Fifth place: Aw5omeChicken Prize - Hunter Rank

Once again please contact an Owner or Admin for your rewards!

Thank you for voting and entering our build competition, we will see you next month for more voter rewards, and will have another build competition soon!

 - WolfPack Team 

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