1st Month of Success!

By [Owner] Getblock ao - Posted May 20, 18


        It has been exactly one month since our server was released. We thank everyone who is a part of this community, and we appreciate all of you guys being here. Recently, we have been delayed on updating the Kingdom’s features and fixing its bugs since our developer is currently busy with school due to exams. However, once he is done, we will surely add interesting stuff on the server. Currently, the bugs and features planned for the Kingdom plugin total to about five pages, and we hope that we will finish it as soon as possible. 

Upcoming Update:

On June 1, 2018, there will be a lot of updates and surprises on the server. We hope to see you guys in game.

We will make sure that joining this community is worth your time! If you have any suggestions or feedbacks, please do drop one at our forums! Thank you!

-WolfPack Team

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