Building Competition!

By [Owner] Getblock ao - Posted May 15, 18

Greetings everyone!

We will be conducting a building competition for the month of May. The builds will be judged by the staff and will be rewarded.


  • Top 1 : Hunter Rank($30 coupon), 30 million in-game money and 10 event keys
  • Top 2 : Scout Rank($15 coupon), 20 million in-game money and 7 event keys
  • Top 3 : Scout Rank($15 coupon), 15 million in-game money and 5 event keys
  • Top 4 : 10 million in-game money and 4 event keys
  • Top 5 : 7 million in-game money and 4 event keys

What to build : You may build one of the following: Settlement/town/kingdom. (Must have the city hall, houses and other things you would normally see in a city)

Where to build: Preferably in your settlements (for it to be protected)

Theme : Medieval/ Modern

Deadline : May 31, 2018 | 11:00 P.M. Central Timezone

How to submit? Click Server Events, You will post the necessary requirements in it and we will judge according to what you've done. The Format of the post will also pinned in it.

- Wolfpack Team

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