Update 0.2

By [Owner] Getblock ao - Posted May 2, 18


Month of May is here, and it’s almost two weeks since we have launched the server! We have done a lot of bug fixing and economy adjustments, and we have been working non-stop in perfecting the kingdoms plugin. We'll make sure to make the plugin more interesting than what it is now.

Current Updates:

-  Repriced most of the items on /shop to adjust with the current economy
-  Buffed the /jobs by 2-4x of what they were
-  Added elevator plugin
-  Revised the voting, event, and alpha crates
-  Fixed a lot of bugs in the kingdoms plugin

Soon to be added:

- Bounty
- Chat channels
- MoreFish (when server gets crowded)

Top Five Monthly Voters rewards will now be implemented from this month onwards. The rewards will always be up to date in the Vote page of the website.

Staff applications are now open on forums! Check it out, if you think you are qualified. If so, try to apply!

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