Greetings! The WolfPack 2.0 will happen sometime around the end of the month, and you can expect more than the usual update that we do. We have been planning about this for awhile now and we just recently started preparing for it. I am delighted to say that we are so far in schedule and you may look forward on this one. All the updates are optional and not mandatory. We thank you for your patience and we look forward on seeing you!

Kingdoms Plugin is almost done! We are expecting that this plugin, that we have been working so hard to perfect, will be finished by the end of the month. We would never forget the patience and support that the WolfPack community had shown us. 

Building Competition!

We'll have two builds: Market Place , PvP Arena

You may build both of the builds for a possibility of obtaining both prizes.

Prizes (3 winners for Market Place and 3 winners for PvP Arena):

1st Place - Hunter Rank ($30 coupon), $20 million in game money, 10 Event keys

2nd Place - Scout rank ($15 coupon), $15 million in game money, 5 Event keys 

3rd Place - Scout rank ($15 coupon), $5 million in game money

Deadline: July 2, 2018

Marketplace must be in an environment where it fits in such as being inside your settlement.

PvP Arena must have the ambiance of where players will feel like they would want to fight in it.

Both builds will be judged upon the following: usefuless, efficiency, design, originality and creativity

Marketplace may contain the following (Player shops, Casino, or just a shop, Gambling and Games)

Spoilers: Big Events coming on end of June!

[Owner] Getblock ao You may use schematica but the blueprint only, you'll have to place them yourself.
TiptoeJoe Quick question: Is Schematica allowed for this build contest? I don't mind getting an idea from some other build, b...
DonnyLDeup jake paul dabbing was better theme

Monthly News

[Owner] Getblock ao posted Jun 1, 18

Greetings WolfPack Community! These past few weeks on the server have been active and lively, mainly because of you, our wonderful community. I would like to thank everyone on behalf of myself and the WolfPack Staff team for supporting us so far, and we look forward to the future of our server. 

We have many surprises in store for the future, with big updates expected by the end of June, including WolfPack 2.0 with as many as 8 new features being added!

Furthermore, the resource world will be reset on June 6th. It's recommended you delete any old homes. Monthly top voters and winners of the build competition will be announced in a forum post shortly!

We appreciate your patience and we guarantee you won't be disappointed! As always, we love and encourage your feedback and suggestions and we look forward to seeing all of you playing on our server.

Build Competition and Top Voters results!
The build competition has now been judged, votes tallied and I can now reveal our winners from 1-4:
First place: Lakefield / Maesthetik
Prize - Hunter Rank($30 coupon), 30 million in-game money and 10 event keys
Second place: Alianor Village / CosmicCoco
Prize - Scout Rank($15 coupon), 20 million in-game money and 7 event keys
Third place: Salem / Darksyde666
Prize - Scout Rank($15 coupon), 15 million in-game money and 5 event keys
Fourth place: cat / Aw5omeChicken
Prize - 10 million in-game money and 4 event keys

Please contact an Owner or Admin for your prizes!

Now onto the Top Voters:
First place: dOnNyLdEup Prize - Alpha Rank
Second place: TheMegaBacon Prize - Alpha Rank
Third place: CosmicCoco Prize - Hunter Rank
Fourth place: SlenderGami Prize - Hunter Rank
Fifth place: Aw5omeChicken Prize - Hunter Rank

Once again please contact an Owner or Admin for your rewards!

Thank you for voting and entering our build competition, we will see you next month for more voter rewards, and will have another build competition soon!

 - WolfPack Team 

BraveWaffle gg guys
TiptoeJoe Congrats guys!


        It has been exactly one month since our server was released. We thank everyone who is a part of this community, and we appreciate all of you guys being here. Recently, we have been delayed on updating the Kingdom’s features and fixing its bugs since our developer is currently busy with school due to exams. However, once he is done, we will surely add interesting stuff on the server. Currently, the bugs and features planned for the Kingdom plugin total to about five pages, and we hope that we will finish it as soon as possible. 

Upcoming Update:

On June 1, 2018, there will be a lot of updates and surprises on the server. We hope to see you guys in game.

We will make sure that joining this community is worth your time! If you have any suggestions or feedbacks, please do drop one at our forums! Thank you!

-WolfPack Team

Greetings everyone!

We will be conducting a building competition for the month of May. The builds will be judged by the staff and will be rewarded.


  • Top 1 : Hunter Rank($30 coupon), 30 million in-game money and 10 event keys
  • Top 2 : Scout Rank($15 coupon), 20 million in-game money and 7 event keys
  • Top 3 : Scout Rank($15 coupon), 15 million in-game money and 5 event keys
  • Top 4 : 10 million in-game money and 4 event keys
  • Top 5 : 7 million in-game money and 4 event keys

What to build : You may build one of the following: Settlement/town/kingdom. (Must have the city hall, houses and other things you would normally see in a city)

Where to build: Preferably in your settlements (for it to be protected)

Theme : Medieval/ Modern

Deadline : May 31, 2018 | 11:00 P.M. Central Timezone

How to submit? Click Server Events, You will post the necessary requirements in it and we will judge according to what you've done. The Format of the post will also pinned in it.

- Wolfpack Team

Update 0.2

[Owner] Getblock ao posted May 2, 18


Month of May is here, and it’s almost two weeks since we have launched the server! We have done a lot of bug fixing and economy adjustments, and we have been working non-stop in perfecting the kingdoms plugin. We'll make sure to make the plugin more interesting than what it is now.

Current Updates:

-  Repriced most of the items on /shop to adjust with the current economy
-  Buffed the /jobs by 2-4x of what they were
-  Added elevator plugin
-  Revised the voting, event, and alpha crates
-  Fixed a lot of bugs in the kingdoms plugin

Soon to be added:

- Bounty
- Chat channels
- MoreFish (when server gets crowded)

Top Five Monthly Voters rewards will now be implemented from this month onwards. The rewards will always be up to date in the Vote page of the website.

Staff applications are now open on forums! Check it out, if you think you are qualified. If so, try to apply!

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